Camella University: Pioneering Innovations. Pioneering Growth.

Established in 2020, Camella University is the academic arm of Camella, the country's favorite housing brand for more than 40 decades. As Camella continuously build high-caliber homes in distinct and convenient communities, we also aim to build better digital marketers, property consultants, and investors in residential and commercial properties.

Camella University offers a wide range of courses in the field of digital marketing, fundamentals and trends in real estate, and in both personal and career development. 

Camella University is your source of knowledge in bolstering your way in the world of real estate.

Leverage your advantage online and experience a new kind of learning!

Our Team


The Leading University in Serving the Latest Digital Marketing Solutions and Skills Training in the Real Estate Industry

As a pioneer in creating a digital learning hub in the Real Estate Industry, Camella University aims to be a reputable source of the newest online strategies for personal and professional growth of its employees and sellers.


Nurture, Build and Support Real Estate Professionals that Create Long-Lasting Impact in the Industry

Camella University puts your growth forward by only offering the excellent learning journey for its people and by trailblazing the path to a more advanced and propitious system in Real Estate.


As part of a highly competitive and constantly evolving industry, Camella University aims to empower its employees, property consultants, and business partners by providing an avenue to gain the knowledge and skills they need to adapt and be versatile. 

Develop a passionate workforce with a strong mindset of going digital. Cultivate a sustainable workplace, prioritizing career growth for the long run, and drives personal and professional success. Camella University wants to reignite the pride of working with the largest homebuilder in the country.


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